Raul Piscoya - Train hard and stay humble


Raul Piscoya is the head of San Francisco Parkour, a non-profit community. He teaches beginner classes and organizes weekly and monthly jams in the Bay Area. He is a member of American Parkour and the Tribe Team.
Raul started doing Parkour 5 years ago when he was 21 years old. He attended a beginner's SF Parkour class and got hooked. He did not have any previous experience playing sports and "did not feel too well about it". Parkour encouraged him to do a lot of hard training and conditioning. It also helped him "vent out" a lot of negative emotions during that period.

Raul was born in Peru. When he was 7 years old, his mom took him and moved to the East Coast, settling in New Jersey. Later the two of them moved to the San Francisco area. Straight out of high school Raul went on to work full time at a coffee factory where he is still employed today.

Parkour is Raul’s hobby, although it is starting to open up new professional opportunities and possibilities for him. Raul loves teaching and has taken on the responsibility of being a PK leader in the Bay Area. He thinks that we weren't born to sit or walk but are also meant to play and be creative with movement. Most people have been discouraged from doing so after being repeatedly told not to run, jump and climb throughout their childhood. Parkour encourages play and keeps one's body healthy and one's spirit young at heart.

Raul's favorite motto is - TRAIN HARD AND STAY HUMBLE.